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Hey peeps
tell me what u think of my pics
all little about my self
I am a goof. Plain and simple. Most people think iam a Cutie , or maby they just like my big hooters. Whos knows. aLL i know is that iam a real sweet heart of a person.
~Going out with friends
~Going to the beach
~Partying with new people
-ThE gUy GeTs aLL tHe gLoRy ThE mOrE hE CaN ScOrE
WhiLe ThE GirL CaN dO tHe SaMe AnD yEt YoU CaLL hEr A w H o R e
-i DoN't UnDeRsTaNd WhY iT's OkAy
ThE gUy CaN GeT aWaY WiTh iT & ThE GirL GeTs NaMeD